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How did you get into fashion and taking photos of your outfits?

I don’t even really know. I posted an outfit which I thought was nice in my early days, and people started responding with positive feedback, so I just continued posting them!

Who inspires you and what keeps you motivated?

One of my biggest inspirations is Nick Wooster. What he does and the way he does it is just mad. His style is absolutely legendary. What keeps me motivated is seeing the response I get from my followers, such as the comments and likes I receive. Also, the messages they send me is something that keeps me motivated to not only keep doing what I do, but also to improve as I go along.

Advice for people starting out? Ups and downs?

Starting out can be a bit tricky, but that all depends on you really. I see lot of people on Instagram and stuff who are literally doing the same things and wonder why they aren’t getting anywhere, and that’s simply because other people are already doing it. So, the one piece of advice I would give to someone starting out is that you need to do your own thing because you’d be surprised how many people appreciate originality. Don’t do it for people, do it for you. Another piece of advice that I would give someone is that networking is a key thing in the blogging lifestyle because that’s what will open doors that you didn’t even know about, and also expose you to an even bigger audience for your work. However, be careful who you network with because some so called “bloggers” are just not nice people and I’ve unfortunately experienced that.   

What makes you enjoy it, and is it rewarding?

What makes it enjoyable for me is getting messages from people around the world that follow me, saying that I inspire them or that they look up to me. That’s the one thing that makes me want to keep going and improving the quality of my stuff, and that’s a rewarding thing for me which makes it worth it.

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