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We were lucky enough to meet up with Jessica, the owner of the fabulous blog, Copper Garden, who is also a Menswear Fashion Design student. The Copper Garden blog features beauty, travel, health and lifestyle with personal style remaining the main focus. We chatted to her about how she got into blogging, and what advice she has for anyone trying to get into the industry.


Where did the name Copper Garden come from?

I get asked this a lot actually! It came from my friend Toby who suggested it to me, and I just really liked how it sounded.

Ideal Friday night out?

Gossip Girl and my sofa!

Describe your style in three words:

Casual, minimal and monochrome.

For someone starting out in the fashion world, what advice do you have?

Don’t care what other people think you should do – DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO!

Biggest misconception about the fashion/blogging industry?

That it is easy! It has taken me years of working on my blog and YouTube channel to grow my audience.

Favourite trend at the moment?

Black and white.

You can go back to any stage in your life, where would you go?

I would go back to being 14 and wearing foundation 10 shades darker than my neck File:1f604.png!

Summer or Winter?

Winter, every time. I love coats, boots and woolly jumpers. 

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

Never let your fear decide your fate!

What colour describes your style best?

Black for me.

Guilty pleasure?

One Direction! I’m also a secret Belieber.

You’re on a tight budget and need new clothes, where do you go?


What’s the most precious thing in your wardrobe?

My All Saints coat.

If you had to wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Jumper, jeans & Converse.

You study Menswear Fashion, what inspired you to choose this?

Menswear is a lot more about the detail, whereas with Womenswear, so many areas have already been explored.

Who are you favourite bloggers/YouTubers that you follow?

Emily Cocklin

Article 21

Shot on the Street

Favourite song to listen to at the moment?

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself.

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