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Joey London

How did you get into fashion?

Just always took an interest in looking sharp!

What inspires you?

Hmm, seeing other peoples’ creativity in different forms makes me want to go out and do my own stuff!

Favourite clothing brand and favourite old school clothing brand?

My favourite at the moment is Reiss! For old school, I’d have to say Ralph Lauren; I thought I was a little bit of a spender, but I really wasn’t!

Experiences starting, ups and downs?

Ups: having the chance to work with other creative people and brands. Downs: fortunately, not much to be fair. Sometimes brands dont take you seriously as a ‘blogger’, but oh well!

Advice for younger people starting out?

Stay consistent and do not sell yourself!

How is it tackling a market such as fashion blogging, which is female dominated?

It’s exciting! I just it see as a challenging, which inspires me want to create even cooler content!

If you had to choose, would you rather haveΒ to wear old fashion clothing or futuristic clothing?


Last one: 3 favourite bloggers/creatives/photographers etc?

Blogger – QMike

Blogger – IamGalla

Photographer – Isaac Cambridge (all time favourite)


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